Jetsam index

Have you ever been inspired by a really useful magazine article but some time later, when you had a real need for it, it was lost and nowhere to be found? Jetsam articles are a selection of mainly timeless reference material. Proven ideas that may not be new but may have been forgotten or passed over by mainstream editors as not meeting their momentary needs.

Please get in touch if you have an article you'd like to see published here or if you have ideas for items you think should be covered

  1. Jury rigged starters

    In an earlier article we looked at engine alternators; the types of things that go wrong and the types of repairs that can be realistically carried out on board.

    Mike Harris
  2. Set for a blow

    Years ago, whilst tucked away in a secure anchorage at Stewart Island, an Englishman shared the secrets of his anchoring technique with me. Charley was sailing round-the-world in his small boat, Aquila Nova.

    Foster Goodfellow
  3. Bananas at sea

    I love bananas. They are delicious, nutritious and come individually wrapped in a cheerful biodegradable sterile package. They can be cooked, dried or eaten raw as a snack. Bananas also make great additions to cakes, jams, desserts, curries, pancakes, scones, salads, chutneys and crumbles.

    Sally Andrew
  4. Close encounters of the larger kind

    Here is an idea for a device that is the ultimate attention getter. A low cost low tech solution that complies with the collision regulations but has yet to find a manufacturer.


    Mike Harris
  5. Slipping and slipups

    Haul out overseas is not quite the same as at home. Except in the main centres you are not likely to find a marina with a 40T travel hoist, and still less with back-up facilities such as repair shops and chandlery.

    Jack Gush