Jetsam index

Have you ever been inspired by a really useful magazine article but some time later, when you had a real need for it, it was lost and nowhere to be found? Jetsam articles are a selection of mainly timeless reference material. Proven ideas that may not be new but may have been forgotten or passed over by mainstream editors as not meeting their momentary needs.

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  1. Venture to Vanuatu

    The islands of Vanuatu offer sailors some of the greatest adventures in the world - ringside seats at active volcanoes; hot springs and blue holes that bubble out of the bowels of the earth; kastom dancing in the shadow of huge banyan trees; crystal cool waterfalls that splash into remote bays and anchorages; villages where you are swept up in the love that everyone gives so freel

    Sally Andrew
  2. Charting Stuart Island

    In the Ha'apai group of central Tonga in 1991, yacht Ayla anchored beside us. Kiwis Alan, Liz and their two kids had recently sailed to Stewart Island, New Zealand. Although we were sharing a warm tropical island with waving palms and white sandy beaches, Alan waxed poetic about the isolation, the hiking, the magnificence of the far south. That was all it took.

    Sally Andrew
  3. Dr Alain Bombard - doctor, scientist and voluntary castaway

    In the early morning of 25 May, 1952, in the fishing village of Fontveille, Monaco, Dr Alain Bombard and Jack Palmer, an English yachtsman, embarked in a 15ft Zodiac inflatable with the intention of making the 200-mile Mediterranean passage to Menorca. A large spectator fleet cheered them on their way.

    Jack Gush
  4. The 1994 Queen's birthday storm

    The south Pacific cyclone season officially begins in November and ends in April so to avoid trouble many boats spend the summer in New Zealand, and return to the tropics as the southern winter approaches.

    Mike Harris
  5. Weather volcabulary - English to French

    English meanings of French Meteological terms in a convenient form for cruising sailors.

    Patricia Dalas