PhysPlot - fleet code plotter

Overview of version 1.001 beta release

PhysPlot is a general purpose meteorological plotter with the ability to plot isobars, wind arrows, fronts, pressure systems sea temperatures and other data from a variety of sources. The current Free beta release evaluation version is able to handle plain text IAC Fleet code files decoding them to give both a plain English text interpretation and zoomable chart showing isobars, frontal system etc.


Features include:


  Zoomable world chart with that can be configured in user defined colours and your choice of local place names.
  Distance measuring tool enables great circle courses and distances to be plotted between any pair of points.
  Printer support for chart plots and plain text decodes.

Recommended minimum computer requirements:


  Processor speed 400MHz or greater
  Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista or 7
  4 Mbytes RAM + 2 Mbytes hard drive space.

The current version of PhysPlot is a beta release. There is no help file and development has been suspended..

Download a beta copy NOW