The YOTREPS Reporter

Software for formatting position and weather reports

The YOTREPS Reporter is written specifically for processing position and weather reports from boats at sea. The reports it produces are in plain English text, can be read by position plotters, weather analysis and archive software and are easily passed over HF radio and e-mail.

Main Features:

Plots positions, courses and speeds from vessel groups
Here's an example of a group of boats in the north Pacific:

  • Red lolly-pops show boat positions.
  • Red sticks indicate their course and speed. Blue sticks, their reported wind speed and direction
  • Program status bar shows the local magnetic variation at any point on the plotter.
  • The plot area can be expanded, or zoomed in to show local details.
Includes comprehensive on line help
In additions to guidance and context help, it also includes essential information on observing and reporting the weather..
Zoomable world chart plotter
The Reporter's onboard chart plotter cover the world between 80°N and 80°S in low resolution detail with over 4500 nameable locations of ports and minor anchorages. There's also a great circle distance course plotter and distance measuring tool and a true to magnetic course converter.
Sends reports as e-mail text files
The Reporterhas its own onboard e-mail program making it easy to dispatch correctly formatted reports from single or multiple reports.
If your power supply fails, your operating system locks or crashes, the next time you start the Reporter'sit loads up your previous report within 30 seconds of the point where the failure occurred.
New features for version 4.0:
  • Support for the US National Weather Service MAROB report format
  • Support for a variety of report formats eg Classic YOTREPS, MAROB and WinLink
  • Improved resolution charts in colours that you can choose.

Download: YOTREPS Reporter NOW!
Approximate size: 1.7byte as a compressed self-extracting setup file including its own uninstall utility. When downloading to floppies from an Internet Cafe, use Winzip (from to save to save to multiple disks.

System requirements

greenball.gif (963 bytes)

Windows - most current versions
that support 32 bit inc. 10

greenball.gif (963 bytes) Minimum P3 processor, 500MHz
greenball.gif (963 bytes) 32 Mb RAM or more
greenball.gif (963 bytes) 5Mb of free hard drive space.